Alan Lawrence -Programme secretary – Wolverhampton PS – 16 February 2021

On behalf of Wolverhampton PS, I felt I had to email you and thank you so very, very much for your brilliant ‘Macro Photography’ Zoom presentation last night.

The whole evening was entertaining and full of information, hints and tips, etc. and to cap it all, your very easy and relaxed style of presentation.

For me, the whole evening was really great but, if I had to pick a favourite section, it would be a toss up between your terrific insect images and/or your club’s ‘Between The Piers’ project with its images that I would never even have thought of taking!

After you’d left us the post club-night chat was buzzing about what you’d shown us coupled with your willingness to share your equipment choices and methodology with us which was most appreciated.

I have to thank you again and assure you that you have definitely ‘lit a fuse’ under several of our Members.

You certainly left us wanting more!

Kind regards




Hugh Griffiths – Malden Camera Club – 21 January 2021

I have had a quite a few emails and comments on your talk to us last week – universally praising you and your photos. The latest email I received said:

“I have been meaning to write to you since the meeting last week to say how much I enjoyed it. The speaker was wonderfully inspiring and it we ever get the chance to have another  session with her, I for one would welcome that.”

Thank you very much,

And expect a call for you for next year!

Hugh Griffiths LRPS


Trevor Waller – Acting programme secretary – Cardiff Camera Club – 5 November 2020

I just wanted to thank you for a superb evening.
Your presentation was up there with the best we have had, either by Zoom or in person.  We greatly enjoyed the way you explained many of your methods; and of course all was matched with excellent images.

Thank you very much.

Trevor Waller


Ray Beckwith, Chairman – Hailsham Photographic Society – 17 September 2020 – Zoom

…thank you for your presentation to the club last night. It was lovely to see so many beautiful macro images so brilliantly taken and explained. You will be aware from my comments last night how much I personally enjoyed the evening and I am sure the members did as well. It was such a shame that we could not all meet in person as I know you would have felt the appreciative atmosphere that would have been generated. Perhaps you can come to the club when we get out of this crisis.



Kathryn Phillips, Chair – Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club – 2 September 2020 – Zoom

Thank you for such a varied and interesting evening yesterday. The response of members at the end was clear: you were much appreciated. I was glad to see so many tuned in…

Again, many thanks,



Jeremy O’Keeffe ARPS – Battle Photographic Society – 29 October 2019

Thank you for a most interesting evening and giving us a visual delights of the kingdom surrounding us which we walk past every day without noticing. My colleagues were enthralled, engaged and fully entertained with your photographs and it was interesting to see your field set ups and that always adds for engaging interest and technique.

Look forward to meet you again.

Jeremy O’Keeffe


Ken Mines – Lewes Camera Club – 2 October 2019

Please accept my personal thanks for your brilliant and inspiring talk tonight. Your images were beautiful and original, and I suspect that only the weather will stop most of us from rushing out to lie down in a field somewhere. I thought you gave just the right amount of technical information without overloading us. Our many guests were effusive in their praise, and like the members, many were determined to try to follow your excellent example in the future




Mark Bulle – Chair & programme secretary – Photocraft Camera Club Wallington – 26 Sept 2019 

Many thanks again for taking the time to visit us at Photocraft yesterday.  It was our absolute pleasure to host you and enjoy some of your amazing work.  I’m happy to report that I am now feeling hugely inspired to dust my macro lens off and start experimenting!!!

Many thanks again – it was a pleasure meeting you!

All the very best,



Simon Bedwell – Programme Secretary Tandridge Photographic Society – 4th April 2019

All the members I’ve spoken to thoroughly enjoyed the evening, with many keen to dust off their macro lenses and produce some of their own work. Here are some of our survey responses:

A very informative evening, more of the same please
Fabulous – can’t wait to have a go
A charming lady, and I welcomed the reveal of her techniques – can’t wait to try it!
The Best – most interesting subject and speaker I ve ever seen at the club ! loved it ! 
Fascinating subject, very thought provoking 
Very interesting, especially the explanations of how she made her images
Thanks & Regards



Maggie Berry – Programme Secretary – Molesey Photographic Club – 25 October 2017

Thank you so much for that terrific talk you shared with us at Molesey last night.

I’ve been gathering compliments for finding such a good speaker … which is a little unfair as they should all have been coming to you. We all appreciated the way you showed us how you worked as well as the lovely results. And that you answered so many questions about the techniques and equipment used – it was the most instructive evening we’ve had in years.

Maggie Berry

John Wichall – Secretary- Ludshott Photographic Club

Thanks for standing-in at very short notice as our speaker on Monday and for your inspiring presentation. All of the members that I have spoken with have said how much they enjoyed the evening…

If I can pick just two things from the evening that were of particular value, it was your willingness to share the technical aspects of your photography and the way that you gave clear answers to the very many questions that came from the floor.  I cannot remember a better evening for questions and answers.

Once again, many thanks. I hope the applause at the end of the evening conveyed the appreciation that was felt by Ludshott Photographic Club.

John Wichall

Graham Ketley – Programme Secretary – Lewes Camera Club

Just a brief note to thank you for visiting Lewes Camera Club on Monday evening to give your Creative Close up and Macro photography talk. Everyone said how much they enjoyed your presentation as you can see from some of the email comments I have received since Monday:

“… stunning images and gave the pictures a meaningful context, … one of the best presenters we’ve had for a while, … Monday’s meeting was really great, … learned lots.”

Once again thank you for a really enjoyable and interesting evening.

Graham Ketley

“I have had a wish for some time to be more ambitious with my photographs, having only previously used the auto programme of a digital camera. I have been working with Colleen now for just over a year and have enjoyed learning the intricacies of a more advanced camera in a pleasant and relaxed environment. Although it hasn’t always been easy, Colleen has shown great patience and understanding and has taught me so much that I feel I have really achieved a lot in that time.”

Rosemary Divall

Many thanks for the Presentation on Monday. Feedback has been very encouraging – I think you may have some converts!

“It was all very illuminating; the tips and techniques were especially invaluable. Seeing all the equipment was a bit of an eye-opener! However, the lovely images certainly made all the efforts worthwhile.”

Brian Knight

Rottingdean Camera Club

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