Macro Photography Talk

Colleen Slater is a fully qualified and experienced teacher with a BA degree in Fine Art and a postgraduate Art Teacher’s Certificate. She is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and has been working full-time as a photographer since 2006. She has been a member of Brighton and Hove Camera Club since 2004.

Colleen’s relaxed, friendly, enthusiastic style and ability to communicate clearly, whatever your level of experience, should make for an enjoyable and informative session.

Macro Photography Talk

The macro photography talk will be aimed at people who have little knowledge of the subject through to photographers with a high level of technical knowledge and experience. There will be a slideshow of around 250 images with the camera settings for each image and additionally, 30/40 mounted prints. A range of equipment will be on show for people to examine and ask questions about.

Zoom presentations will have additional images, to replace physical prints and there will also be screenshots of equipment used.

Topics Covered

An explanation of the definition of macro and close up photography.

Equipment – Comparison of different lenses, extension tubes, extenders and filters – pros and cons.
Tripods, flash, mirrors, reflectors & diffusers.
Scissors, clamps, plastic sheets and other paraphernalia.

Camera Settings – How to use the camera controls to achieve the best results.
The effect choice of aperture, depth-of-field, ISO and shutter speed has on the outcome.
Comparison of exposure modes.

Lighting and Flash – Lighting effects such as fill flash, bounce flash and back-lighting.
Freezing movement using high-speed flash.
Using reflectors and mirrors.

Focusing – How to set up and use focus controls on the camera.
Focus track moving subjects.
Using live view for critical focusing.
Selective focus.

Composition and Creativity – Choice of subject.
What makes a good image?
How to achieve effective framing and highlight the subject.

Post Processing – How to make dramatic imrovements to images quickly and easily.
Creative cropping.
Converting to monochrome or black and white.


Please get in touch to book a presentation for your club or organisation. Meetings via Zoom make all UK destinations accessible.


£130  (£145 for dates in 2023)  – 2 hour Zoom presentation + 15 minute break.

or £130 (£145 for dates in 2023) + return travel expenses to venue from Brighton.

Macro Photography Talk