Macro Photography Talk

Looking at the world through a macro lens is an exciting, fascinating experience. Everything looks different to the way you usually see it and things that can’t be seen with the naked eye loom large and look unworldly and extraordinary. You discover things you’ve never seen before and in great detail. Insects look like animated machinery of the most extraordinary design in beautiful colours.
Macro images draw attention to the ordinary, often unnoticed things in the everyday world.


Macro Photography Workshop – If you’d like to develop your macro photography skills, why not spend a day with me out in the field, where you will learn first-hand, how to achieve successful macro shots. I will share my technical knowledge with plenty of tips on how to produce more professional looking results. My relaxed, friendly, enthusiastic style and ability to communicate clearly, whatever your level of experience, should make for an enjoyable and productive day.

The day will be tailored to your exact requirements and the subject-matter and location and equipment needs can be discussed when the booking is made and depending on the weather. The day will start early with a morning break to assess the images taken so far. The rest of the day will be spent doing practical photography on location.

Image critique with advice on how to make improvements and follow-on support via email during the following week.


Full day Macro Photography Workshop up to 8 hours with transport included £260 for one person or £320 for two.

If the forecast looks wet/poor, the day beforehand, the workshop can be rearranged for an
alternative, mutually convenient, date.

What You Will Learn

How to capture sharp, creative, close up images.
Macro techniques to achieve different effects.
Hopefully, you will also return from the day with some great shots.

You Will Need

A basic knowledge of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure modes is desirable.
If you don’t have a DSLR, you can loan one and try it out before purchasing – extra £5.
All other equipment will be provided and is included in the fee.

Camera Settings

Learn to use the camera controls to achieve the best results.
The effect choice of aperture, depth-of-field, ISO and shutter speed has on the outcome.

Lighting and Flash

Lighting effects such as fill flash, bounce flash and back-lighting.
Freezing movement using high-speed flash.
Using reflectors and mirrors.


How to set up and use focus controls on the camera.
Focus track moving subjects.
Using live view for critical focusing.
Selective focus.

Composition and Creativity

Choice of subject.
What makes a good image?
How to achieve effective framing and highlight the subject.
Importance of backgrounds.
Creative use of selective focus.

macro photography workshop